All year-round millenary tips!

Posted on November 04 2017

All year-round millenary tips!

Look for something that suits your face

If you have a round face, lengthen the face by wearing a tall piece embellishing your gorgeous face for height. Try a tall crowned pill box or a high headpiece.

If you have a long face, you want to work to shorten it by wearing a piece that gives your face the width to balance out, a good example of this is a shallow crown or a beret or pill box where the trim is positioned down low, towards the side of your face.

If you have a small face, a hat that’s too big may look like too much and take away from the rest of your outfit. What you need is a head piece that is proportionate with your face and height. Send us pictures or pop in store for advice on this.

Work that angle, Often, wearing a headpiece worn straight on the top of your head can look silly, most times a little tilt forward or to one side can make your face pop!  This definitely applies to the some of the smaller headpieces that have been around for a few seasons. Its all about the angle, its all about the angle.

Go with a piece that suits your personality!

This is usually easy to do for most people, depending on your personality you are drawn to certain styles. Are you more of a show stopper? Or maybe something minimalist? Depending on your personal style we have some tips that can help in this area.

Take a photo of yourself in the hat or headpiece when purchasing it, so you can remind yourself how to position it when getting ready on the day.

Have your dress near or with you when you are shopping. This really helps with colour and style choices when discussing your options with your hat store.

Experiment with how you arrange your hair different hats or fascinators shine brighter with different hair styles. Have a play, make it different on your special occasion.

Make sure your piece is comfortable, you will be wearing it all day! Check the hat elastic is not too tight, and it can be secured comfortably to your head without sliding around.Last but not least, have fun and embrace your beauty on the day. Check out some of our favourite new styles here.

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