Fashion on the field tips

Posted on March 08 2018

Fashion on the field tips

Heading to the spring racing carnival this year? But have no idea what to wear? Race day calls for strict dress codes. From finding that perfect shoe that doesn’t get stuck in the grass to the best selection of headwear, there is a lot to pick and choose for the big day.

Here are some tips for the ultimate race day look from head to toe.


Start from the base and then you can add up. But let’s face it. Shoes are going to get ruined. Because of the grass wedges are often the preferred choice. However, with most race dresses they look a bit oversized. A better option is block heel. They have a more sophisticated look. The general rule is: For spring carnival, opt for strappy sandal styles or open toes, and for autumn look for shoes with closed toe.

Statement dresses

Dresses and well-tailored 2-piece skirt are the best bet. As a rule, you shouldn’t wear anything midriff, cropped, or strapless. The less skin on display the better. Make sure it showcases your best assets and suits your body shape. But you want to get noticed so opt for lace-ups and ruffles. Skirts as well as jumpsuits will also work fine.  


You must wear headwear, and that is the number one rule. It can be just a hat, a flower, a headband or fascinator. For added glamour opt for hats with netting across the eyes. Select a hat in one colour if your dress is quite OTT. Larger the better as it will get you noticed. You can also opt for a headband in silver or gold. You can go crazy with your headwear if your dress is simple. For instance, look for quirky shapes, headwear with feathers or embellishments. Do not try to match your hat with the colour of your outfit. However, the hat should work with your bag, shoes and your overall outfit.


A simple box clutch is the best choice. Make sure that your keys, phone, lipstick and money fit into it. When it comes to colour it need not match your shoes. Pick a colour from your outfit and select a clutch in a tone of that colour.  


Vintage can be tricky. Make sure that it is chic and of great quality or else it will fail terribly. Even if you are wearing vintage add some modern elements into it. The idea is not to do head-to-toe vintage.


When it comes to colours nothing can beat the black and white combination. Head to toe black is a no-no. The other colours you can opt for are grey, purple, red, electric blue, cream, baby blue, and pink. 


Gloves are such a nice touch. For an edgy and modern look opt for leather gloves. Lace can look nice, but sometimes looks tacky. Tread carefully.


Make sure your accessories like gloves, earrings, necklaces or brooches compliment the total look. Too many accessories can make you look OTT in a bad way. Less can certainly be more.

Make up  

Your make up should look classy and elegant. Avoid heavy makeup and fake tans.


Your hairstyle should not distract from your hat but compliment your look. You can opt for a chic pony or a chignon bun. The hat does all the talking so basically your hair should be pulled back.

Look for latest trends

An easy way to pick the latest trends is to look at runway images for inspiration. To determine a trend see what are the similar things designers are doing. For instance, a particular colour, design or print.


Experimentation is the key if you want that edgy look. For instance, try tying a scarf around your neck if you are wearing a casual jeans and T-shirt. Team it up with a khaki or coloured leather jacket. Layering is key to making the look quirky and fresh. If your dress is a printed one, tone it down a bit with a denim jacket.


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